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News, Analysis & Perspective on Autonomous Vehicles

Exclusive: how one woman’s impromptu TikTok on autonomous vehicles sparked discussion on freedom, privilege, and accessibility

If there’s one Apple rumor story that seemingly persists through the ages, it’s the so-called “Apple Car” rumor. Word on the Cupertino street has long held whispers of the titanic tech company working on an autonomous vehicle—or at least the software system that runs it, if not a full-fledged automobile. The latest scuttlebutt, reported earlier this month by Apple rumor extraordinaire Mark Gurman for Bloomberg, has the company aiming for a 2025 release of what Gurman calls a “fully driverless car.” He notes the ambitious target date is “the firmest launch goal Apple has put forth for its car since its first vehicle attempt in the mid-2010s.”

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