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News, Analysis & Perspective on Autonomous Vehicles

Sweden’s Ericsson, Telia present self-driving bus ahead of 5G spectrum auction

Posted on Sep 24, 2020 in Buses, News, Technology

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – Telecoms gear maker Ericsson and mobile operator Telia on Thursday showcased a self-driving, electric bus in...

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German space agency’s modular self-driving truck is just a life-size children’s toy from the ’70s

Posted on Sep 21, 2020 in Buses, News, Trucks

Swiss Army Knives are brilliant. Why have one knife when you can have six in one handy, pocket-sized package? They are the epitome of...

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Norway’s self-driving bus: a template for public transport?

Posted on Sep 21, 2020 in Buses, Perspective

It’s the first of its kind in Europe and testing is already yielding positive results. So, will driverless public transport become the...

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Singapore has big driverless ambitions and the pandemic is unlikely to stop them

Posted on Sep 21, 2020 in Buses, Cars, Perspective

SINGAPORE — The buggy takes off on the track, moving very slowly. No one is controlling it, but the wheel spins and the vehicle negotiates...

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China’s race to develop autonomous vehicles

Posted on Sep 21, 2020 in Buses, Cars, Perspective, Trucks

China is making major investments in autonomous vehicles (AVs) and is planning extensive development in all aspects of this emerging...

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Cambridge’s self-driving shuttle bus trial delayed due to Covid-19

Posted on Sep 20, 2020 in Buses, News

An autonomous vehicle trial in Cambridge has been delayed and will no longer run on the guided busway. Delays caused by Covid-19 and...

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Autonomous bus makes debut in China’s Chongqing

Posted on Sep 17, 2020 in Buses, News

CHONGQING, Sept. 17 (Xinhua) — A medium-sized bus equipped with autonomous driving technologies made its debut Thursday in Chongqing...

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Phoenix Motorcars wins grant with Houston Metro and EasyMile for development of first FMVSS compliant autonomous shuttle bus in the US

Posted on Sep 17, 2020 in Buses, News

ONTARIO, Calif., Sept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Kickstarting the autonomous bus revolution in the US, the city of Houston is set to...

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Jacksonville Transportation Authority receives custom autonomous solution from Beep, Local Motors and Robotic Research

Posted on Sep 15, 2020 in Buses, News

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Sept., 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) welcomed its newest autonomous...

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priestmangoode reimagines mass transit with electric self-driving vehicle for dromos

Posted on Sep 14, 2020 in Buses, Cars, News

priestmangoode has revealed an electric, autonomous vehicle designed for high capacity urban transport. autonomous network transit (ANT)...

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Connected and autonomous vehicle projects in the UK

Posted on Sep 8, 2020 in Buses, Cars, Infrastructure, Policy & Regulation, Technology

The Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and Innovate UK have published a series of case studies of connected and autonomous...

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Robot shuttles double as robotaxis says IDTechEx

Posted on Sep 4, 2020 in Buses, Cars, Knowledge Center, Reports

BOSTON, Sept. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As IDTechEx predicted in its report, “Robot Shuttles and Autonomous Buses...

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U.S. NHTSA’s autonomous vehicle test tracking tool is light on data

Posted on Sep 2, 2020 in Buses, Cars, News, Technology, Trucks

In June, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) detailed the Automated Vehicle Transparency and Engagement for...

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Looking under the hood: Anticipating the knock-on effects of AVs

Posted on Sep 1, 2020 in Buses, Cars, Perspective, Trucks

As the concept of autonomous vehicles (AVs) has advanced into the mainstream, we’ve all seen more and more articles telling us how AVs...

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5G driverless shuttle bus carries passengers in Chengdu, China

Posted on Aug 28, 2020 in Buses, Knowledge Center, News, Videos & Podcasts

A 5G self-driving shuttle bus is carrying participants in the Global 5G Industry Innovation Summit held on Aug. 28-30 in Chengdu,...

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Baidu expected to offer Robotaxi, Robobus services in Guangzhou

Posted on Aug 28, 2020 in Buses, Cars, News

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- Apollo Intelligent Transportation (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chinese Internet giant Baidu, on...

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Autonomous bus roll out in rural Norway

Posted on Aug 28, 2020 in Buses, News

The rural commune of Gjesdal in southwestern Norway is tackling the first/last mile transportation gap head on with a new autonomous bus...

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Autonomous vehicles should benefit those with disabilities, but progress remains slow

Posted on Aug 21, 2020 in Buses, Cars, Perspective

An MIT report estimates truly autonomous vehicles might not hit the streets for a decade. And when they do, it’s difficult to say whether...

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Where are we with public sentiment on autonomous vehicles?

Posted on Aug 20, 2020 in Buses, Cars, Perspective, Trucks

There is a political and economic value to the sentiment of the everyday transportation user. Does the transportation that I have...

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The moral & ethical considerations of self-driving vehicles

Posted on Aug 19, 2020 in Buses, Cars, Perspective, Trucks

A few days ago, my esteemed colleague Maarten Vinkhuyzen posted an excellent article on self-driving systems that explores the difference...

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