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News, Analysis & Perspective on Autonomous Vehicles

Driverless car market leaders innovating the transportation industry

An autonomous car is one that can sense its surroundings and drive itself without the help of humans. It is not required for a human passenger to assume control of the car at any point, nor is it necessary for him or her to be in the vehicle at all. A self-driving automobile can go wherever a standard car can go and perform any task that a skilled human driver can. Autonomous vehicles now allow non-drivers and those with certain disabilities to travel independently. They allow travellers to travel in greater luxury and flexibility, letting them read, rest, or even work while on the road, increasing efficiency. Radar, sonar, LIDAR, GPS, and inertial estimation units are some of the sensors used by cars to identify their current situation without the assistance of anyone else. Cutting-edge control frameworks decode tangible data, such as roadblocks and basic signage, to determine suitable route courses. The autonomous vehicle will transform the automobile industry.

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