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News, Analysis & Perspective on Autonomous Vehicles

Automated and autonomous driving: Regulation under uncertainty

International Transport Forum, December 31, 2015

Many cars sold today are already capable of some level of automated operation, and prototype cars capable of driving autonomously have been – and continue to be – tested on public roads in Europe, Japan and the United States. These technologies have arrived rapidly on the market and their future deployment is expected to accelerate. Autonomous driving promises many benefits: improved safety, reduced congestion and lower stress for car occupants, among others. Authorities will have to adapt existing rules and create new ones in order to ensure the full compatibility of these vehicles with the public’s expectations regarding safety, legal responsibility and privacy. This report explores the strategic issues that will have to be considered by authorities as more fully automated and ultimately autonomous vehicles arrive on our streets and roads. It was drafted on the basis of expert input and discussions amongst project partners in addition to a review of relevant published research and position papers.

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