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7 more Tesla Full Self Driving (FSD) perspectives & observations

For years, the CleanTechnica reader community has amazed me. The quality of thought, diversity of thought, and depth of information is astounding. When I published a story last night on Tesla Full Self Driving (FSD) progress, I didn’t really know what to expect. It’s a true grey area that displays tremendous progress in technology and AI but also continues to have glaring flaws and has progressed a lot more slowly than people initially bullish on the technology expected (like me). Several years ago, I was promoting Tesla has having the best approach toward developing robotaxis, and I did for years. I have been disappointed with FSD and don’t see it as anywhere close to where I expected it to be today in 2020, but I’m also clearly open to and eager to see it improve. It finally did make a notable improvement (to my eyes) in version 11, but I actually spent most of the article explaining its shortcomings — so, I didn’t know how readers would respond.

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