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News, Analysis & Perspective on Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicle reporting data is driving AV innovation right off the road

Posted on Aug 4, 2020 in Perspective, Technology

At the end of every calendar year, the complaints from autonomous vehicle companies start piling up. This annual tradition is the result...

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3 Questions: John Leonard on the future of autonomous vehicles

Posted on Aug 4, 2020 in Buses, Cars, Perspective, Trucks

As part of the MIT Task Force on the Work of the Future’s new series of research briefs, Professor John Leonard teamed with professor of...

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Staying connected: Does autonomous tech bring us together?

Posted on Aug 3, 2020 in Perspective, Technology

Michael Bless, author and historian of science at Vanderbilt University, is right to highlight the huge impact of technology. In even just...

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LiDARs for self-driving vehicles: a technological arms race

Posted on Aug 3, 2020 in Perspective, Technology

A fiery debate has been raging in the autonomous driving world about the role of LiDAR in the future of self-driving cars: an unparalleled...

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China’s Baidu announces that the world’s first autonomous driving compute unit is ready for production

Posted on Aug 3, 2020 in News, Technology

The race to develop self-driving vehicles is not just in Silicon Valley. In China, the world’s biggest auto market, companies are...

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Global electric and autonomous vehicles wiring harness market is expected to grow at a strong CAGR during 2019-2027

Posted on Aug 3, 2020 in Knowledge Center, Reports

GAITHERSBURG, Md., Aug. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Some of the key players profiled in the Electric and Autonomous Vehicles Wiring...

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This autonomous, electric vehicle concept for medical transport claims to be ‘pandemic proof’ — take a look

Posted on Aug 2, 2020 in Cars, News

Design consultancy Manyone released a concept for autonomous, “pandemic-proof” electric vehicles. NemBots (non-emergency...

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Advanced tolling maybe the killer app for autonomous vehicle test tracks

Posted on Aug 2, 2020 in Infrastructure, Perspective

Since the days of the DARPA grand challenge, Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Technology has generated a great deal of excitement.  Companies such...

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The top five ugliest cars today and why ride-looks might ultimately disappear due to AI self-driving cars

Posted on Aug 1, 2020 in Cars, Perspective

Is your car ugly? I don’t mean whether it possibly has a smattering of unsightly dents or dings, nor whether the paint is chipped and...

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