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Dear Tesla: Please don’t put off the general release of V10 Full Self Driving beyond Oct 1, 2021

I’ve been driving my Tesla Model 3 Long Range for two years and 50,000 miles. I paid the $6,000 premium for Full Self Driving that it cost back then (it now costs $10,000). I constantly use every bit of Tesla’s driving automation that is available to me, in particular: Smart Cruise Control, Autosteer, Auto Stop at Stoplights and Stop Signs, and most pertinently — Navigate on Auto Pilot. Of the 40,000 miles I’ve driven, 10,000 miles were cross-country driving. Thank you, Tesla, for the enjoyment and utility I’ve experienced using your great automation. However, the automation is not perfect. Under certain circumstances, I need to intervene, mostly at predictable moments. Thank you, Tesla, nonetheless, for taking the risk of releasing the automation to me before you were able to make it perfect.

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